FAQ KonMari® Method

Why is the KonMari® Method different compared to other tidying methods?

The KonMari® Method has a few differences to other methods such as:

• Trust your feelings – you always return to the one and ultimate question ”Does it spark joy?” to decide if you would like to keep and item or discard it. The goal is to surround yourself only with things that “spark joy” or serve your future ideal lifestyle.
• Tidy by category and not by room – as we often store the same type of items in more than one place, you can never fully grasp the overall volume and get discouraged before finishing.
• Storage is secondary – you must finish discarding first. Storage is considered temporary and fluid until all tidying is complete across all categories.
• It’s a marathon not a sprint but tidy quickly, all at once, and once and for all – the method is designed to be a special, one-time series of activities executed “quickly,” or within six months. It’s not a quick fix of your wardrobe only.
• KonMari® folding and storing technique – the folding and storing method focuses on standing items up-right, on-edge, vertically in a row to relieve tension and pressure and to give you full visibility.
• Respect your belongings – respect and gratitude runs throughout the method, this includes bidding a grateful farewell to objects which no longer serve you and
greeting your home to set your tidying intentions.

I’m generally good at tidying my own belongings and I like to keep things clean and tidy, but my spouse is messy and not really interested in tidying. What can I do?

This is a very common and shared experience. However, the KonMari® Method encourages you to focus on your own belongings first and it is important to accept your partner’s values. Changes that will happen when you follow your own tidying journey will have a positive impact on your spouse. As Marie Kondo quotes “tidying is contagious”.

Is cleaning included in the service?

Tidying deals with objects – cleaning deals with dirt. The KonMari® Method is about decluttering and organizing your home and tidying your personal belongings. Cleaning is not part of our service, however if required I can be of help to find a professional cleaning agency.

I don’t want to become a minimalist – KonMari® is not for me

What the KonMari® Method and Minimalism have in common is that a great value is attributed to the belonging you decide to keep. With less stuff around, you can finally pay more attention on those things that you keep. One of the great differences is that the KonMari® Method does not limit the number of items a person can or should keep. In minimalism there are hardly any duplicates whereas the KonMari® Method is about identifying which items can have the “spark joy” effect on you, so if colorful socks spark joy in you, feel free to keep more than one pair in your wardrobe!

Do I really need a consultant to help me through the process of tidying?

I like to answer this question with a counter question. Do you need a personal trainer to do your sit-ups?
Most probably not, because you know how it works. It is the same thing with a tidying consultant. It depends on you. Anybody can tidy independently following the KonMari® Method, however you need strong mental power, honesty to yourself, stamina and the indomitable spirit to keep going even if things get difficult or other things try to take over. If you prefer support and guidance along the way to reach your goal, just like a personal trainer, a KonMari® Consultant will be the right choice.

My biggest concern is my kids stuff. The house is always messy because of their toys being everywhere. Can we tidy their belongings too?

The KonMari® Method does not recommend tidying the

belongings of children above the age of approximately 3 years without their consent. Children recognize what belongs to them and we should respect their values and what sparks joy to them. I recommend to tidy kid’s belongings after you have finished your own KonMari® journey. Most probably they show interest along your way and will be happy to tidy their own belongings either with or without your help depending on their age. The same is true for any belongings of other family members.

Do I need to read any of Marie Kondo’s books before I start my tidying journey?

You do not need to read any of her books to start your KonMari® tidying journey. As your KonMari® Consultant in Training I will walk you through the entire process and I will not leave you in the dark. However, if you wish to read one of her books or listen to an audiobook before or during the process, this will provide you additional inspiration along your journey.

I have a lot of things but I’m very organized – can we only work on a certain category or room?

Marie Kondo realized that traditional approaches like “by room” or “by season” may be the reason success can be short-lived and clutter returns to your space.
The KonMari® Method supports a holistic approach and targets all your belongings for all the reasons mentioned in Question 1. I recommend tidying in the correct order, however if one category (except sentimentals) is the
easiest for you to joy-check we can make an exception.

What is the length of a tidying journey?

A tidying journey is a very personal experience and it all depends on the amount of your belongings and how much time you can dedicate towards it. Sessions are approximately four hours long and it is recommended to have 1-2 sessions
per week. Most clients are very eager to finish the process as quick as possible. It is recommended to finish the whole journey within 6 months. The detailed schedule will be evaluated based on every client’s personal circumstances and
we jointly decide on the best way forward.