Spice it up a bit with design

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If the kitchen is your 'special place' you might consider making it a bit more unique, personal and magic... And no, you don't need a whole lot of money to do that, just a few right ideas for original home decor.
Your choice of spices, while crafting favorite meals, could help you find perfect ingredients for your kitchen design. Sounds strange? Let's explain the main idea. Foods we choose “provide a window to our unconscious” and pointing out our personality. So, let’s check out what flavor is your kitchen.


Common spice mixtures

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You rely on store-bought, popular spices, and classic cooking recipes and probably don’t want to spend extra time in the kitchen. The perfect solution for you is a highly functional kitchen, designed with the most ergonomic use of working space. To keep it organized you’ll need plenty of kitchen storage space, so don’t be afraid to get creative with it, by considering benches and other seating options that can be opened up and hold items. Choose tone-on-tone, black and white, or highly neutral kitchen design and then bright it up with elements that are bold in color or even add a splash of color to the back of your cabinets to emphasize displayed items. Last but not least, add sleek steel accessories and lighting.

Stick to the recipe

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You are ready to follow modern recipes from scratch, just to make your family happy. All about trendy flavors, you like minimalism, one of the most popular modern home-styles in recent years. Avoiding unnecessary extravagance or forgoing color and warmth you still might add a little drama to kitchen design, by choosing black color, lux textures, and futuristic dimensions by adding lamps, floor lights, and under-cabinet lights. You cook for the family, so the kitchen design has to be family-friendly, with durable, easy-to-clean outside, easy to wipe floors and matt finish that won’t show fingermarks. Must have is a universal design. It makes better flow by removing barriers and therefore access is easier for everyone, from children to grandparents. The real center of the family kitchen is a dining table. To make a focal point of it, add attractive dining chairs, low-hung pendant lighting, and gorgeous tableware, that will accessorize your kitchen. All you have to do is mix and match bowls, plates, cutlery, cups and use it for more than just serving food.

Add your personal touch

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Craving for a unique way to mix spices and preparing spectacular meals, makes you kind of a master chef, at least in your home. Like any other star, you need a stage that will compliment your abilities. You tend to have the latest professional kit, gorgeously refined, flat-fronted, easy to clean cabinetry and tops of stainless steel. But, what makes your kitchen one-of-a-kind, is creating the right atmosphere, or more precisely, a touch of unexpected. The first step is mixing opposites by combining modern with traditional. For example, accentuate a few cabinet doors with an unusual style, such as decorative glass, mirror, and wired details, or use dramatic, bold cabinet hardware as the personalized “jewelry of the kitchen”. Your “cooking stage” might include interactive elements like a unique kitchen island with seating or a wet bar. This creates a workspace that everyone can participate and help while being social.

Exotic spices & flavors

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The taste for exotic foods indicates flexible people, open to trying new things. As one of them, you see life (and food) as an adventure. The mix of different cultures might be just what you need in your kitchen décor. Exotic and edgy statement pieces will explicitly portray your personality. You can incorporate art elements on the wall, sculptural elements or cultural elements in your kitchen design, creating a spiritual and artistic vibe that will affect your psyche and heart. So, curate your own exotic art collection to balance the flow of good energy, or making it a bright and positive by the grouping of your favorite things.

Think about it - what flavor is your kitchen? Go with what “speaks” to you, and create the space that is a true reflection of who you are. That’s the key to distinguish your kitchen from everyone else. So, go on, and spice it up.