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If you're looking for a simple way to add warmth, color and atmosphere to your home, there's almost nothing easier than decorating with candles! Whether you're looking to enhance your bedroom, living room or even the bathroom, candles are an effortless way to create a calm and serene setting. From scented to flameless, The Home Object has your guide to the vast benefits of candles.

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Candles are easy to use, and they can fit just about anywhere. All it takes is a quick strike of a match and you're set for hours of high-quality mood lighting. Candles have long lifespans, and when they do run down, they're easy to replace. Plus, there’s just something super cozy about the natural, subtle light that candles emit.

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Scented candles can provide any room with a variety of delightful and subtle scents that enhance the relaxing atmosphere you seek. Many common candle scents are inspired by nature, like lavender, vanilla, coconut and lemon.
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Now it’s time to select a candle holder appropriate for the room and the candle you want. Between glass, wood and metal, you're sure to find a candle holder that will fit the style you're searching for. Try candle pots for added visual interest, or lanterns to kick up your patio’s ambiance.


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Home is always a place you can unwind and relax. After a tough day work, or a long time of being out of the house, it is always a great feeling to step foot in your home and instantly feel at ease. Burning candles give off a tranquil vibe of relaxation and gives your home the comforting feeling that every home should have.

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